With filming done in store late 2018, I laughed to myself as I heard my shop called a prop several times. I can assure you, it is not. It IS a time capsule of everything in the window of 1928-56 America, which are the years my shop represents and sells. It is also a representation of all that I love, and where I do business. It is not a fictitious television set, it is not just a museum, but a one of a kind shop that stands alone in its genre. The era, the cars, the clothing, the furniture and of course the music have never been equalled since. Selling people on the greatness of this past is a fairly difficult task. I have been asked why is Grumps here (Lake Elsinore, CA)? There is no other shop like yours anywhere, you could do so much better elsewhere. Centralized location in Riverside County is good, and it’s a close enough drive to home. “If you build it, they will come”. Over the past decade I have sweat, bled and forfeited so many great things in my life for this build. Still continuously adding and morphing, now with even more live music out in the 1952 Gas Station built for both band and patron. It is never too late to fight for something you enjoy. That means, supporting this shop and other small businesses whenever you can and more importantly spreading the word as often as you can. It is time for us to regress back to a time when word of mouth was everything. I know I share with all in my doors of the cool shops down here. I appreciate every one that has supported the shop to this point, shopped with us, shared us, been to a show, has told others about us and look forward to continue to grow Grumps reach to share. Thank you, Grump