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Our Collectibles include traditional Lifestyle Items From 1928-60 America.  We feature items from Gas & Oil memorabilia like signs and oil cans, and display fixtures, etc., to household items, like salt and pepper shakers, and everything in between.  

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What types of Collectibles can you find at Grumps-Garage?

Find products that have a unique feel of Americana, and are built “like the good old days” when companies were proud to build a legacy quality product. These are collectibles that can be displayed in a vintage garage, trailer or home.

Collectibles For Sale (America 1928-1960)

Grumps-Garage offers Collectibles from a variety of categories and focuses. Our collectibles are all premium quality, legitimate markers of the greatest generations in American History. We offer a robust catalog of collectibles that span across various industries, and focal points for vintage collectors. You can navigate on the sidebar above to choose a subcategory to find your favorite collectibles for purchase.

These categories include but are not limited to the following categorized within the Collectibles catalog: Advertising Collectibles (like displays and signage), Oil & Gas, and Automobilia Collectibles (including oil cans, tools and branded pieces), Tobacciana (ashtrays, etc.), Home items (like salt and pepper shakers, etc.), and toys from the golden era of premium quality made toys.

You can also find things like Soda memorabilia and vintage collectibles like soda vending machines, etc. We are happy to have you here, and like you, we believe that some of the best memories, and the best products came from this era of Americana. We’re proud to bring your our unique, hard to find collectibles so you can bring a piece of American History home with you, and enjoy everything that made the 1920s through the 1960s great!