1928-31 Spindle Bolt Kit, Less Spindle Bolts


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1928-31 Spindle Bolt Kit, Less Spindle Bolts  Passenger & Pickup.  Please note; the bushing must be reemed.  USA made. Use this kit if your original spindle bolts (king pins) are in usable shape.  Worn spindle bolt parts contribute to rough steering and shimmy.  This set contains the grooved lock pin (style 3 as in judging standards), with the long lock nut used from 1929-1931.  Place the cup washer with felt under the washer against the bottom of the axle.  The felt can be rubber cemented to the lower spindle arm to hold it in place during assembly.  The bearing sits on top of the axle with the open side of the bearing down.  One or more shims are located between the bottom of the bearing and the top of the axle.  Ream the bushings to .814.  When connecting the brake lever to the socket or cup of the spindle bolt, check that the lever moves freely by moving the brake rod clevis back and forth.  If you feel a drag or bind, the spindle bolt cup may not be aligned to the end of the lever shaft.  This can be corrected by filing the cross cut in the spindle bolt shank to change the angle for the cup to seat to the lever shaft.

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